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Orientation/ Induction/ Deeksharam Orientation/ Induction/ Deeksharam Soft Skills Programme : B.Sc 1st Year AAA presentation Parents Teachers meeting *AIDET Communication 21 Hrs IPR Activity IPR Day celebration and IPR Class Nutrition practical-1st year IMNCTP-B.Sc 4th year Vacciniation Lab Inventory HSTP-B.Sc 4th year
*Eco- Green Club IQAC meeting "15th December before feedback January report" GCP 4th year "Gender Sensitization and legal rights " IQAC Meeting 21st April Antiragging Rally Mentor Mentee Fire Safety Feedback of committies OSCE Distinctiveness: Education Through Movie
Code of conduct: B.Sc 1st Year Equal oppurtunity cell Vaccination *Interactive Lab learning Mentor Mentee Vaccination follow up Golden Minute Project: B.Sc 3rd Year Counseling Delnet online training Mentor Mentee Examination Committee Meeting EAPP
Maintenance & Beautification committee meeting Counseling Mentor Mentee Mentor Mentee Counseling Mentor Mentee 2nd Midterm examination-1st Year , 1st midterm examination and 1st midterm examination of B.Sc 2nd year. Yoga Mentor Mentee Counseling Educational Visit Placement cell : 4th Year
Mentor Mentee Programme Mentor Mentee Programme Yoga Counseling Counseling Yoga International Women's day celebration -implementation of Innovative games. IQAC meeting Sports Counseling Yoga Mentor Mentee Curriculum committee meeting
Counseling Sports Yoga Yoga Sports Counseling Mentor Mentee Alumni launched Module on : Effective Communication Skill (BP ) Sports " Patient safety and qualty care " Alumini Meet Mentor Mentee
Yoga Innovation and incubation cell -innovative game activity Sports Sports * FDP With in 3 months Yoga Counseling   Essay on Antiragging 2nd Midterm examination-2nd year Sports Counseling
Sports * FDP With in 3 months FDP on bundle care Innovative games HIV and AIDS training programme: B.Sc 4th Year Safe Patient Handling Yoga   Effective Communication Skill -B.Sc 4th Year Poster competition on antiragging Yoga Yoga
      1st Midterm 1st Year Self DefenceTraining programme: B.Sc 1st Year Sports   Environment Management :B.Sc 2nd Year   * FDP With in 3 months   Movie show by antiragging committee
      Integrated Patient Safety for clinical Instructor (BP) Smart Girl   1st Midterm Examination -4th Year   BLS Training Sports
            Annual Cultural & Sports       Preuniversity Examination (all batches)
            Workshop on patienty Safety          

*New : Conferences, Seminars and workshops, Best Practices

* Innovative showcase either in month of August or December

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