Prof. Dr. M.S. Vinsi
Principal, Bombay Hospital College of Nursing

Principal's Message:

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Students, It’s my pleasure to reach out to you through this website on behalf of Bombay Hospital College of Nursing, Indore. The changing patient needs and expectations of the 21st century will continue to influence the emerging nursing role in the coming decades. This required ‘Standard’ quality nursing care through dynamic education, innovation programs, and research. The vision and mission of the College of Nursing are to prepare professional nurses to provide comprehensive quality care in hospitals as well as in community settings. 

Bombay Hospital College of Nursing Indore, under Bombay Hospital Trust Mumbai, started B.Sc. Nursing in 2008 and M.Sc. Nursing in 2015. The College of Nursing has become the epitome of excellence in rendering quality nursing education through a progressive outlook, energizing thoughts, optimistic motivation, and rich roots in moral and ethical values. Students are posted in NABH-accredited multispecialty hospital parent hospital, various private and government affiliated hospitals and community health centers for wider clinical exposure. We promote the all-round development of the students, with special emphasis on intellectual, cultural, and spiritual aspects and extracurricular activities, to prepare them as effective change agents in a dynamic society.  

The responsiveness of our staff, the excellent infrastructural facilities, and hands-on clinical training prepare our nursing students to meet all kinds of challenges today and tomorrow. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank management and the entire staff of the nursing college who devote their time and professional expertise towards this cause.

I extend a hearty welcome to students who are joining the institute and offer my best wishes for success in their career efforts to usher in the knowledge necessary to meet the challenges posed by the global economy.