Student's welfare

1. Health Checkup and Vaccination:

Periodic health checkups and vaccinations (Hepatitis B, Rubella etc.) are provided for the students.

2. Rules and Regulation:

Every student admitted to the B.Sc. Nursing Course shall follow the rules and regulations of the College of Nursing as existing at present, and as may be modified from time to time.

Every student will have to attend classes and practical work regularly as per the I.N.C. and university requirements.

Student will be under the control of the Principal throughout the period of training.

A student has to complete 100% attendance in the practical else the marksheet, degree certificate and course completion certificate will be withheld until the student meets the requirements.

Students are not allowed to receive reward of any kind at any time from the patients or their relatives.

All students are expected to follow the dress code at Bombay Hospital College of Nursing.

Students shall abide by the rules and regulations of the hostel and adhere to the orders of the hostel warden.

Hostel stay is compulsory for all the students. Parents or guardians of the student may appoint a local guardian if so desired, for their ward. In such a case they need to submit the entire personal data and photograph of the local guardian. If the student is permitted to go out of the hostel on the request of the local guardian, the entire responsibility would be of the parents who have appointed the local guardian.

The local guardian can meet their ward only on Sundays. In case of any emergency, prior permission shall be obtained from the warden.

The students will be allowed to go for shopping once in a month or on a holiday.

No student shall be provided any extra facilities (electric appliances, almirah, stool, chair etc) in the hostel other than those provided by the institute nor will any such requests be entertained.

Telephone calls & visitors will not be entertained in the classrooms or in clinical areas

No jewellery or other valuables should be retained while joining the institution.

All decisions taken by the authority are final and binding.

Parents/Guardians are required to meet the Principal when called for.

Ragging is a punishable crime and any student found involved in ragging shall immediately be removed from the institute and handed over to police.

DISCIPLINE-All the students will have to abide strictly the rules and regulations of the college and the hostel as enforced from time to time. Students violating the rules will be dealt with disciplinary action according to the discretion of the authorities and if necessary dismissal from the institution may be considered depending upon the seriousness of the violation of the rules.

3. Uniform:

The candidate admitted for studies are required to wear the uniform approved by the institution.

4. Vacation & Leave:

Vacation will be given as per schedule of Bombay Hospital, College of Nursing/D.A.V.V.University. Holidays will be declared by the authority at the beginning of each calendar year. Students will not be granted any leave of absence, as this would impede their training.

5. Guidance & Counseling:

Students with individual problems are attended by experts and appropriate guidance and counseling is provided in times of need.

6. Extra Curricular Activities:

Students are offered varied opportunities to develop their talents and leadership skills by participating at local, state and national levels through membership in SNA. Educational trips and picnics are arranged during their course of study.

7. Educational Upliftment:

Students Are Regularly exposed to various workshops and conferences conducted by experts to improve their professional knowledge. Apart from these they take active participation in celebrating WHO days (World Cancer day, Breast feeding week, World AIDS day etc.)

8. Anti Ragging Message:
  • Ragging is a crime.
  • Do not tolerate ragging. Report at once to the authorities for taking strict action.
  • Strong legal action will be taken against the guilty by the principal of the college, registrar of the university and the police.
9. Bombay Hospital College of Nursing, Indore Anti Ragging Committee Members 2020-2021:
  • Coordinator

    Prof. Dr. M. S. Vinsi
    Principal, Bombay Hospital
    College of Nursing, Indore

    Media person

    Mr. Rajeev Shrivastav

    Social worker

    Mr. Firoz Quereshi

    Office staff

    Mr. Chandrapal Yadav


    1. Prof. Dr. Amita Paul
    2. Asst. Prof. Jinny Abey

    Warden in charge

    1. Mrs. Sibi George


    1. Ms. Sharsti Ingle
    2. Ms. Monisha David